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My name is Terry Hinton from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. My professional designations include a Master’s Degree in Social work and I am a master carpenter. My most recent adventure is developing my internet marketing business. This is what I will talk a little bit about first. After 4 years of learning and practice, my internet business is just beginning to make since and show promise. I think that most marketers can relate to what I am saying, because you go through many ups and down trying to find a niche that works for you as well as learning how to market. The learning how to market has been the hardest for me because my natural tendency is to be more of a consumer then a marketer. I have even been caught up in the “shinny nickel”, leave g my computer with a truck load of product paper weights. Maybe I can go back into the bag of tricks and use some of it someday. Another reality is that marketing strategies in today’s internet world change faster than you / I can prefect them. Through it all I have learned how to build websites, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and CPA marketing. Social-media traffic marketing is what I am struggling to learn at the present time. I have used and am fairly proficient and paid traffic methods. In total honesty I can say that I still remain very positive about my progress so far and anticipate excelling progress in my business for 2015. I believe one of the primary factors that will be at my side is that I have realized that I need to focus more and receive coaching. The current coaching program that I am totally excited about is - Quick Start Challenge with Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips. In addition to my internet business, I continue to support myself and family through my self-employed efforts. My professional work include consulting, policy writing and staff development training for social service agencies. My master’s degree in social work and 15 years of direct work experience in social work provide the credentials needed to do so. My second self-employed environment is home construction. I have been doing various forms of construction work since about 1976. My area of focus is home renovations. I just take on as much work that I can do myself because the management of crews is just too much of a challenge for the gain. I hope this give you a gimps of who Terry Hinton is – at least on a professional level and I will add more to this profile in the very near future.

Week Two- Quick Start Challenge

Hi Guys

Well this weeks “Quick Start Challenge” training was not a surprise to be another block buster.

I think I am going to use the next few weeks to highlight aspects of the training on my blogs.  Aspects from my perspective of course. The training has already been a inspiration to me for personal development and well as my business development. Todays main strategies focused around two primary traffic sources. For now I will say the strategies are using forums and blog posting, both of which I have some experience but beginning to learn , probably lacked of consistency and commitment to experience success. So my challenge is to get back at it and develop a consistent practice.

I think my greatest appreciation for the training is the business plan simplicity that the coaches bring to the table. Course content is consistently presented at a pace and volume that is easy to follow and understand. There are great outside inspirations – Arnold Schwarzenegger last week and Tony Robbins. Both presentations reminded me of the mind set I need to pursue to succeed on a personal level as well as professional level.

So at the risk of repeating my-self in some ways, I will back up a bit and share incites, trials and errors, and success with what I am learning within the Quick Start Challenge Training starting in week one.  I will also say that my post may not be spit and polished all the time but I believe YOU – the reader- will take home something by reading them. At the very least  the post will be a reinforcement to my learning experience.  It is best said in this phrase ” Take Massive Imperfect Action” (author unknown). You got to love it.

Till next time

God Bless



The Quick Start Challenge


Just wanted to say a few words about the title of this post “The Quick Start Challenge”.

I have just started a great online business development coaching program being facilitated by, Dean Holland, Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips. I have participated in many webinars over the past three years but have never connected to a presenter like Dean. Thanks Dean. All I can say is that if the first day of training is any indication of what is to come, we are all in for a treat and on the way to success –  of course – pending we do the work. Guess what? They even made doing the work easy with very clear step by step instructions, tools and resources.

I have numerous great take homes from week one but I thing the greatest  impact one was giving me a different perspective on what a blog was. For the longest time I seen blogs as a billboard for selling products,  but Dean put a much deeper personal perspective and purpose to a blog. The second powerful take home was the short motivation video by Arnold Schwarzengger. I loved the six points to success presented. They were: Trust Yourself; Brake the Rules(think outside the box);Don’t be afraid to fail;Don’t follow the na-sayers; WORK YOUR BUTT OFF(no pain, no gain); and Give Back.

Well I could go on for ever, but will save some for next time. One more time I just want to say thank you to Dean for getting us off to a great start.

PS: This is a new blog – as part of my commitment to completing the challenges set out in the program.

God Bless